Theo van Leeuwen

Theo van Leeuwen is Professor of Multimodal Communication at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Emeritus Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, and Honorary Professor at the University of New South Wales, the Australian Catholic University and the University of Lancaster. He researches and writes about social semiotics, multimodality, visual communication and critical discourse analysis. This has included work on radio announcing speech, media interviews, global magazines, toys as communication, sound and music, typography and decoration.

His current projects at SDU are about the theory of visual communication (with Morten Boeriis), online fashion shopping (with Thomas Hestbæk Andersen), and online resources for mathematics and science education (with Ditte Lund Iversen).

Theo is a founding editor of the journal Visual Communication. In other lives he has been a film director and a jazz musician.

Find a list of Theo’s publications in 2016 here.

Find Theo’s official SDU researcher page here.